Being a part of an industry that involves helping other people is rewarding, especially when it is in the medical field. Sometimes people go through everything that is necessary to legally take care of patients, such as becoming a CNA, but soon find out that the sights and bodily fluids that they are exposed to on a regular basis are difficult to cope with. If you had such an experience and would like to remain in the medical industry doing something less hands-on with patients, consider studying to become a medical assistant. Upon completing school, you will be able to remain in the medical industry handling the clerical aspects that are involved with patient care. You might be in charge of performing multiple tasks in a clinic type of setting.

Greeting & Checking In Patients

When patients are visiting a health clinic, it is more than about getting diagnosed and treated for their medical problems. Patients also like to feel as though they are welcome in the clinic, which begins with how they are interacted with upon entering the building. As a medical assistant, you will have the responsibility of greeting patients and making them feel relaxed. You must check the patients in while keeping a friendly attitude, as well as answer any questions that they may have during the process. Medical assistants play an important role in the overall impression that patients have about health clinics.

Handling Admissions & Appointments

After patients have been examined by the physicians in medical clinics, they are sometimes referred to other clinics for additional tests and work to be done. For instance, a physician might discover a severe problem that requires a patient to immediately be admitted into a hospital. Your job as a medical assistant will be to contact a hospital in such a case to arrange for the patient to be admitted when he or she arrives. You will have to provide the hospital with the patient's name, date of birth, and various other pieces of information to make the admissions process as smooth as possible You will also have the responsibility of setting up appointments when a patient needs lab work performed at a different clinic.

Taking Care of Insurance Documents

Patients and physicians rely on health insurance claims being properly handled. You will handle the insurance aspects of a patient's care by obtaining the information and documents for a claim to be filed with their provider. You must then file the claims on behalf of the physician that you are working for to ensure that they get paid.

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