Hearing aids help millions of people hear better and experience life to the fullest. However, many people with these devices may experience what is known as the occlusion effect. This problem is one that can be quite devastating without proper treatment. Thankfully, real ear measurement tests can help here.

Does the Occlusion Effect Impact Hearing?

When a person places a hearing aid in their ear, they anticipate that it will fill the canal but not cause any strange issues. However, a problem known as the "occlusion effect" may trigger echoing or booming sounds throughout a person's head when they wear their hearing aid. These sounds are common most often when a person talks and are due to a single problem – poor hearing aid placement.

That's because a hearing aid that is too big may fill up the canal too much and jut against the bone in the head that "hears" a person's voice. This will cause sounds to vibrate more heavily against the bone by reverberating against the hearing aid. It can be very distracting and upsetting because it makes hearing nearly impossible. Thankfully, real ear measurements can help you manage this issue.

How Real Ear Measurements Can Help

Anybody who is worried that the occlusion effect is occurring with their hearing aid should contact a professional right away for a real ear measurement. This test will take a look at the real size of the interior of a person's ear. Using this measurement, an ear doctor can get a better feel for what is happening and why the occlusion effect is making a hearing aid more difficult to use.

In many cases, the solution may be as simple as adjusting the size of the hearing aid. Other situations may recall a more specialized treatment option, such as taking care of different hearing aid types and even fitting a person with a brand-new item. The choices here all vary based on the level of the occlusion effect and the different ways that it affects a person's hearing level.

So those who feel like they need to get their hearing aid adjusted to avoid this problem should talk to a professional right away to learn more. These experts can measure the ear, check for any other issues, and provide their clients with the high-quality hearing help that they need. All of these steps are crucial as a way of keeping a person's hearing strong and protected.