If your baby has a cold, you need to pay close attention to their symptoms. In most cases, the common cold cause your baby to feel miserable for a few days. However, the symptoms won't linger beyond that. Unfortunately, there are times when the common cold isn't quite so common. For those times, you'll need to be prepared to get your baby to the pediatrician as soon as possible. 

Loss of Appetite

If your baby has a cold, you need to monitor their appetite. The common cold shouldn't interfere with your baby's appetite. However, more serious illnesses, such as bronchitis and croup, may cause your baby to lose their appetite. If your baby refuses to eat and they have a significant mucus buildup in their nose, use a suction bulb to clear their nasal passages. If they continue to refuse their feedings, you'll need to contact your pediatrician. 

Dry Diapers

If your baby is suffering from cold symptoms, pay attention to their diapers. Your baby should have several wet diapers throughout the day. In fact, you should need to change their wet diapers once every two to three hours. If your baby's diapers are staying dry for longer than that and you haven't noticed them urinating, you'll need to seek medical attention for them as soon as possible. Your baby may be experiencing dehydration as a result of their cold symptoms. This is particularly true if they're refusing to take liquids. 

Labored Breathing

If your baby is experiencing cold-like symptoms, monitor their breathing. The way your baby breathes while they have a cold can provide you with valuable information. If your baby develops labored breathing or is making strange noises while they breathe, these are indications that they need to receive medical attention as quickly as possible. 

Prolonged Cough

If your baby has developed a cough, monitor how long it lasts. In most cases, coughs associated with the common cold will go away after a day or two. If your baby has had a bad cough for several days, the cough has become so bad that it's interfering with their ability to breathe, or they've vomited while coughing, it's time to seek immediate medical attention. 

If your baby has been suffering with a cold and you've noticed any of the symptoms described above, contact your pediatric physician as soon as possible. They may have something more severe than the common cold.