When it comes to immunizations, it seems there is always controversy anymore. People often don't want to or even refuse to immunize themselves or their children from various dangerous diseases. And many people do not get their flu shots every year. However, getting a flu shot is important. Get to know some of the reasons that getting a flu shot is important. Then, you can be sure you are doing what is best for yourself going forward. 

The Flu Is More Serious Than People Think

One of the first misconceptions about the flu and the flu shot is that people think the flu is no big deal. Many people liken it to the common cold. However, the flu is much more serious than a cold. In fact, it can be quite deadly. In 2019, estimates showed that flu deaths for the year were at 2,900 and 55,000 people had been hospitalized due to the flu.

In contrast, people barely even go to the doctor when they have the common cold. Because of the severity of the flu, it is important to get your flu shot. You could be saving yourself a trip to and a stay in the hospital, and potentially even saving your life. 

The Flu Shot Can Reduce Symptoms If You Do Get the Flu

Another common issue that people have with the flu vaccine is that it does not protect against all strains of the flu. This is true. There are so many types of flu that the flu shot protects against the most common strains or those predicted to be the worst for the year. 

However, even if you do catch the flu, having the flu shot can reduce the symptoms you experience and the severity of the illness if and when you do catch the flu. In this way, the flu shot can again save you a trip to the hospital and protect your life. 

The Flu Shot Doesn't Just Protect You

The flu is a highly contagious illness and many people are contagious and expose people to the illness before they show the most severe symptoms. Because of this, getting a flu shot will not just protect you but those around you.

If you spend time around vulnerable populations like children or the elderly, it is especially vital that you get your flu shot to protect them. These populations have weaker immune systems than healthy adults and can more easily fall victim to the flu, even if they, too, have had their flu shots. If you get yours, you are less likely to pass the flu along to these vulnerable people. 

Now that you know some of the reasons that getting the flu shot is important, you can contact your doctor as soon as possible to schedule your immunization. For more information, contact clinics like Dino Peds.