DHEA stands for dehydroepiandrosterone. This is a hormone your body makes in order to regulate the production of estrogen. As you age, your body begins producing less DHEA, which contributes to falling estrogen levels. The effects are many; you may notice weight gain, a loss of libido, and depression. Thankfully, there are DHEA supplements available in many forms. One common form is DHEA cream, which your physician can prescribe. Here is a look at how and when you should use this cream.

When should you apply DHEA cream?

Some people use DHEA cream regularly, whereas others only apply it as-needed to fight certain side effects. If you suffer from depression, osteoporosis, or another ongoing issue due to low estrogen levels, then a DHEA pill may be more suited to your needs. But if you can't or don't want to swallow a pill, DHEA cream can be a viable alternative. You will need to apply it daily, at the same time each day, in order to effectively manage these ongoing issues.

If you are only using DHEA cream to manage occasional issues, such as vaginal dryness or a lack of libido, then you can just apply it as needed. Plan on applying it about two hours before you really want it to take effect. This gives your body time to absorb the DHEA and then react by producing estrogen that will have the effects you desire.

How do you apply the DHEA cream?

So, where do you put the cream and how do you apply it? The answers are pretty simple! DHEA tends to get trapped in fat cells, so you want to apply it to an area of your body where you don't have a lot of fat. For many people, the wrists are a good choice. If you are on the leaner side and can feel your ribs through your skin, apply it to your ribcage. Do not apply it to your belly or buttocks; even on lean people, these areas contain too much fat for proper absorption.

Your doctor will probably give you the cream in a pump dispenser and tell you how many pumps to apply per use. Dispense the cream onto your finger, and then rub it in the area where you want to apply it. Give it a few minutes to absorb before allowing clothing or anything else touch the area to which it was applied.

If you have any further questions or concerns about using DHEA hormone cream, reach out to your doctor or pharmacist.