If you are thinking about finally going into an addiction treatment and rehab center, you may find yourself wondering what the process will be like. After all, what is unknown can be somewhat intimidating and even scary. However, addiction rehab therapy programs do not have to be scary, and once you get there and get started, they will not be scary at all. Before you allow your anxiety to overwhelm you, get to know some of what you can expect from an addiction rehab therapy program. Then, you can feel better and more prepared for the experience of going through rehab.  

Therapy Will Occur in Individual and Group Sessions

One of the things to keep in mind is that you will be expected to participate in both individual and group therapy sessions. The thing to know about this, though, is that nobody is going to force you to speak up in group therapy.

You will always be given the opportunity to participate out loud, but if you are not comfortable with that, you can stay quiet and just listen and observe. Your comfort is important in group therapy and just being there and paying attention can help you in a myriad of ways. 

Individual therapy is where you get the opportunity to really open up and talk about things. Your therapist will help you to learn about your individual triggers and coping strategies that will work best for you. This allows you to have private conversations about your addiction and can be extremely instrumental in your recovery. 

Therapy Is Not Just Talk Therapy

While most people think of talk therapy when they hear the word therapy, this is not the only type available. In an addiction rehab therapy program, you will have the opportunity to try things like art therapy, music therapy, recreational therapy, and maybe even therapeutic meditation and yoga classes. 

These types of therapies are designed to allow you to express yourself, feel and understand your emotions, and control your thoughts. Therapies other than talk therapy can also provide you with useful coping mechanisms and strategies that you can use outside of addiction treatment when you go home. 

Be sure to participate in each type of additional therapy at least once in your addiction rehab therapy program experience. If you find something is not a good fit for you, you do not have to continue, but hopefully, you will find that art or music or some other therapy will be beneficial towards your recovery.

Now that you know more about what you can expect from your addiction rehab therapy program, you can go in feeling prepared for the addiction recovery process.