If you have special needs when it comes to your medications, then you can work with a compounding pharmacy to get exactly what you need. These pharmacies are held to the same standards as your traditional ones, but there are some things that make one business different from another. And, you can use some of these differences to choose the best compounding pharmacy. So, what should you be looking at?

Pharmacy That Specializes In Your Specific Care Needs

Compounding pharmacies are able to make many different types of concoctions for a variety of different reasons. However, you may have a specific need or purpose and the pharmacy should specialize in this. For example, compounding pharmacies can make medications without additives. This is common and necessary to reduce allergy concerns. Tartrazine or yellow no. 5 is one such allergen that is often avoided, as well as red coloring agents and other fillers. And, some pharmacies will specialize in removing any and all fillers, coloring agents, and other substances from their medicines to keep their products as allergen-free as possible. If you have allergy concerns, then this type of pharmacy is a good choice for you.

Some pharmacies will specialize in the creation of medications for pets. This is something that you may be looking for if your canine has a chronic disease that requires medication. The pharmacies know how to adjust dosages and to mix in flavoring compounds to help make the products more appetizing. 

These are just a few examples of specialties, so call around to find out what your local compounding pharmacies offer. 

External Batch Testing

Since compounding pharmacies create their own medications using a variety of ingredients, pharmacists must be accurate and competent. To ensure that quality and accuracy are in accordance with the FDA, the pharmacy must undergo batch testing. Batch testing is where medications are periodically analyzed to see if they contain any contaminants. Also, the medication dosage is measured to see if it is exact and mixed properly within the compound.

Batch testing can be completed internally, but the most thorough testing is completed by outside laboratories. So, make sure that the facility you use works with an outside lab. Speak with the compounding pharmacy to inquire about how often the testing is completed and also ask about whether or not test results are available to consumers. A good business will not hesitate to share this information with you.

For more information, contact a local compounding pharmacy today.