If you have cancer, then you may need to go through treatments that include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. If radiation is completed first, then you may be a bit scared about going through your first few treatments. This is completely normal, and you should prepare yourself beforehand. There are a few things you can do to make your radiation treatment as stress-free and comfortable as possible. 

Try on Your Immobilization Devices

Radiation is an extremely precise sort of treatment that involves pinpointed accuracy. For this reason, you cannot move once the beam is activated. To assist with this, your doctor or technician will create an immobilization device for you. You can expect this to be made for you in the weeks leading up to your treatment and the type created will depend on where on your body the radiation is directed. 

Immobilization devices can be a bit scary, especially since they are meant to hold your body completely still. For this reason, it is wise to try on the device numerous times before your radiation appointment. You can work with your oncology nurses, doctors, and technicians to set up appointments to try on the device. While it cannot be brought home with you, you can sit in an examination room while wearing it. And, nurses can use relaxation techniques to help you feel calm if the device makes you feel claustrophobic.

claustrophobia is usually an issue if you have a molded face shield. So, it is recommended to spend a good deal of time wearing this device if you have one.

Ask About Lotions And Ointments 

If you have sensitive skin, then you should know that radiation is likely to make your skin problem even worse. Your skin may ache and feel itchy for a time, and you may experience some rashes, blistering, and inflammation. You can use some lotions and ointments to help soothe your skin, but it is wise to use doctor-approved lotions or prescription ointments.

You want to ask your oncologist about prescriptions before your first radiation treatment. Also, since the skin will be damaged afterward, you want to inquire about the best application regimen. Ask about the amount of the product that should be used as well as the number of applications per day. Keep in mind that since the skin will be irritated, you do want to minimize the number of times that you touch the radiation area. Also, use gloved hands to apply your cream.

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