CyberKnife, by its name, might have most people believing that CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer is performed with a knife. On the contrary, that would be an incorrect assumption. This treatment for prostate cancer is a type of radiotherapy technology treatment program. It delivers a very high dosage of radiotherapy that reduces the number of treatment sessions that you'll require. You will actually need five treatment sessions rather than 37 sessions that are generally required with other types of radiotherapy treatments. The treatments are highly regarded for their accuracy. So naturally, CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer is now a popular treatment procedure.

What the Treatment Includes

No incisions are required during CyberKnife treatment, so this isn't a surgical procedure. Treatment with CyberKnife's technology is composed of several parts. There is a linear accelerator part that is called a Linac. The Linac is mounted on a robotic arm, which is built to move freely around you as you lie on a couch. It delivers treatment from all angles as it moves around you. The couch you lie on is programmed and adjusted to allow direct radiation beams to reach the tumor in your prostate.

Why Treatment For Prostate Cancer Is Touted So Much

One of the main reasons CyberKnife treatment is so lauded is that the treatment projects a high degree of accuracy, which is assisted by X-rays that are taken every 15 seconds while you're being treated. This is a vital and important factor since your prostate moves around internally even when you remain totally still on the couch.

Imaging X-rays that are taking place while you're in treatment accurately show how the prostate is moving internally without emitting any external signs of such movements. Those unseen movements are captured inside by X-rays that indicate when gas passes through the rectum or while there is the filling of your bladder. Because CyberKnife margins are so much smaller and based upon its predictable accuracy, this technology is accurately and safely used to deliver higher doses of radiotherapy in each treatment session that you undergo.

Are You a Good Candidate For CyberKnife Treatment?

When you are diagnosed with localized prostate cancer, your Gleason score is up to 7, and you have a PSA measurement of less than 20, you can be considered as a good candidate for CyberKnife prostate treatment. Severe urinary problems can bar you from having this treatment since you'd be required to manage without going to the toilet for approximately 30 to 60 minutes during the treatment.

You can have the treatment if you have a small to medium size prostate. Having artificial hips on both sides of your body could rule you out as a candidate. If you also have an implant or any other medical condition that prevents you from having an MRI scan, that rules you out as a candidate for this treatment.

If you have more questions, contact services that provide Cyberknife radiation treatment for prostate cancer.