EO device sterilization is the process of sterilizing a variety of materials with the transparent gas Ethylene Oxide, water vapor, and heat. This method of sterilization is increasingly popular in the medical community, as it is flexible in terms of both materials and temperature, and it is completely supported by the FDA.


One of the best benefits of EO sterilization is that it allows health and medical facilities and supply manufacturers to sanitize their products without needing to account for the differences between most of the materials those products are made of. If you make or use products made from plastic, glass, metal, or non-plastic polymers, then EO sterilization can most likely be used for each of these materials. This allows health or medical facilitates to use one sterilization method or service for a variety of tools, ranging from syringes and scalpels to lab tools.

Not only is EO sterilization flexible in terms of material, but also in temperature. This form of sterilization is considered "cold," meaning that it uses temperatures between 90 and135 degrees Fahrenheit. This, combined with the sterilization power of the EO gas itself, allows for tools to be sterilized repeatedly, without worrying about them breaking down nearly as quickly as they would with strong chemical sterilization. Plus, if your facility works with materials that are not heat-sensitive, then you can easily increase the temperature as needed. This allows for efficiency in the sterilization process, as ethylene oxide's strength can easily be combined with whatever temperature works best for your materials.

FDA Supported

Finally, using ethylene oxide to sterilize your medical supplies and tools allows your facility to remain completely compliant with FDA rules and regulations. Unlike other sterilization methods, such as ionized methods or certain chemical ones, this method is fully approved by the FDA. Additionally, the FDA is currently attempting to expedite the process of approving changes to EO sterilization technology and methods, in order to lessen the effect of the current shortage. This means that any ethylene sterilization service you use can make changes to their techniques as needed, while still keeping your facility compliant with the law.

In short, ethylene sterilization services can be a great addition to your health or medical facility, or anyone that needs their medical tools sterilized. EO sterilization allows for medical facilities to remain compliant with the FDA, even in the face of sterilization service shortages, and the amount of heat used can be changed to fit the needs of your materials. Additionally, this flexibility is furthered by the ability of ethylene oxide to sterilize a variety of materials. If you are interested in any of these benefits for your facility, contact an EO sterilization service near you today.