Have you been told you have "old eyes?" Maybe you look in the mirror and feel like you've aged 20 years in the last 10, solely based on the appearance of your eyes. There are many different solutions to explore here, but one that's worth considering is Botox. It won't solve every cosmetic problem that causes your eyes to look aged, but it will solve a lot of them. Here's a closer look at what Botox can correct and what it can't correct in terms of your eyes.

Botox Can Correct:

Crow's Feet

Crow's feet are those wrinkles that appear to the outside of your eye. They are named such because they often occur in threes — like a crow's toes or claws. Even when you are young, the skin on the sides of your eyes is fairly loose, so when you get older and that skin also thins out, it tends to form wrinkles. Botox can help a lot with crow's feet. It works by prohibiting muscles from contracting, which helps to minimize wrinkles. There are a lot of muscles just under the skin around the outside of your eyes, which makes Botox a great treatment for crow's feet.

Hooded Eyes

Another common effect of aging is for the skin just over the eyes to start thinning and sagging. This can make your eyes look hidden in your skin, which really ages your appearance. Even correcting this one little issue can make you look much younger. A few Botox shots can really help since, again, this is an area where there's a lot of muscle close to the skin.

Furrowed Brow

Sometimes, it's not the skin immediately around the eyes that appears aged, but the skin between the eyebrows and eyes. This look is sometimes called a furrowed brow. It can easily be corrected and smoothed out with just a little Botox.

Botox Cannot Fix:

Bags Under the Eyes

If the main feature that is making your eyes look aged is bags under your eyes, then Botox is not the right treatment for you. Bags under the eyes are caused in part by thinning skin, but this is not an area where there's a lot of muscle that would be affected by Botox. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist about other treatment options, such as eyelid surgery or astringent gels.

In many cases, Botox is a great option for making your eyes look younger, but it's not great for under-eye bags. Talk to a cosmetic dermatologist if you want to try Botox.