For so many people who go through hip joint replacements, the struggle of getting through rehabilitation is real. If you are still awaiting rehab sessions or you want to know what might be coming next, understanding the exercises involved in a program can help you set realistic expectations.

These are some of the hip joint replacement rehab exercises you can expect to take part in.

The Importance of Hip Replacement Rehab

Joint rehab is so important because it not only helps you build strength in your joints, but it also helps you build mobility. Your joint will become more functional after a joint replacement with hip rehab several times a day.

Early Rehab Exercises

In the beginning, you will focus on improving circulation to certain parts of your body. After a hip replacement, this will be very important for blood clot prevention. This is also important for strengthening your muscles as you recover.

Your rehab provider may first recommend ankle pumps and rotations as you sit or lie down. Your doctor will recommend bending your legs as you rest in bed, and you may also work on tightening and loosening your bottom. These will grow easier as you build more mobility and function in your hip. Rehab may slowly begin to incorporate abductions and leg raises as well.

Standing Rehab Exercises

As you build more strength, you'll be able to do more exercises standing. These exercises help you build more strength and flexibility. You'll also become more mobile as your hip joint heals.

Helpful exercises you can do while standing may include standing knee raises, similar to a march, and standing hip abduction. You'll work on extending your leg backward as well.


After you are able to stand and complete some exercises on your feet, you will begin walking. Walking regularly builds strength and flexibility in your hip so you can maintain mobility.

At first, you might need to use a walker or a pair of crutches. A railing can be used, and you may find that you are able to walk on your own at a surprisingly fast rate. As you build strength you will work on using stairs.

Talk to a Rehab Specialist

A total joint rehab specialist can offer additional insight into your joint replacement plan. With the proper exercises and stretches, you can work together to create a plan that actually helps your body adjust to your new joint.