Equipping your building with a new temperature scanning kiosk is a good way to ensure that no one who is ill is able to enter the premises and potentially spread their illness. You'll find all sorts of these products on the market, allowing you to browse different options to decide what will best suit your organization. A lot of temperature scanning kiosks have facial recognition technology. This means that when an employee approaches the machine and stands in front of it, a camera quickly analyzes the person's features and notes their identity.

Here are some reasons to choose a kiosk that has this capability. 

Detailed Records

A kiosk that has facial recognition technology will create detailed and comprehensive records for each employee. For example, when an employee stands in front of the screen, the kiosk will identify them, note their temperature, and either allow them to enter or prohibit their entry. The machine will save this record, which means that over time, you'll have extensive information about each person. In the event of an issue that requires you to review the history of those who entered the building, you'll be able to easily retrieve this data. You might not feel as confident in your records if you were to have a staff member logging this information on a piece of paper.

No Confusion About Identities

When your kiosk has facial recognition software, you can be confident that there won't be any confusion about peoples' identities. This isn't necessarily true if you have a staff member checking peoples' IDs as they attempt to enter. For example, someone who has forgotten their ID could attempt to "charm" their way into the building, and some staff members could allow this. Or, someone might have a fake ID and attempt to enter. These things won't be an issue when your temperature scanning kiosk is equipped with facial recognition, as this software is highly accurate.

Ability To Restrict People

A kiosk's facial recognition software also allows you to restrict certain people from entering your building. There are several different scenarios in which this may be necessary. For example, if you've terminated someone and don't want them to return, it's easy to set the software to flag this person should they arrive again. When the person stands in front of the kiosk, it will recognize them and do one of several things that prohibits entry. For example, it won't take their temperature or it may send an alert to you.

To learn more about temperature scanning kiosks with facial recognition, look online.