Semaglutide is a medication that has quickly become popular among those seeking to lose weight. It is available by prescription, and it comes as an injection. Patients usually inject themselves on a weekly basis, although there are clinics that will administer weekly injections to patients who are not comfortable self-injecting. Perhaps you are considering semaglutide weight loss management yourself. If so, you may have one or more of the following concerns, which are popular among people in your position.

Concern: Semaglutide will make you jittery and anxious. 

If you have taken weight loss drugs before, you may have had experiences in which you felt anxious, jittery, or on edge after taking them. You might be worried that semaglutide will make you feel similarly. Thankfully, this concern is unfounded. Many weight loss medications contain stimulants such as caffeine or theobromine. These are the ingredients that make you feel jittery and anxious. Semaglutide does not have any stimulants in it, and as such, jittery and anxious feelings are not side effects you need to worry about. Don't let these bad experiences with other weight loss medications keep you from trying semaglutide.

Concern: The injections will hurt.

Injections don't feel amazing, but they are not overly uncomfortable, either. Semaglutide is a small volume of medication, which makes the injection even less painful than most. You can expect to feel a pinch or a mild sting when you insert the needle, but there should not be any serious pain. After the shot, you may notice some mild soreness at the injection site, but this clears up within a few hours. The mild discomfort associated with semaglutide shots is less pronounced than the discomfort associated with fat-freezing therapies, weight loss surgery, and other more invasive weight loss treatments.

Concern: Semaglutide won't keep working for very long.

You may be worried you'll lose a lot of weight initially, but then struggle to drop the rest of your excess fat. This is not usually an issue with semaglutide. The medication works by controlling your blood sugar and appetite. These effects last as long as you keep taking semaglutide; they do not wane as your body adapts to the medication. As such, most people keep losing weight until they reach a healthy weight.

If you have other concerns about semaglutide, talk to your doctor. They can give you more insight into this medication and how it assists with weight loss.