Zinc is an important mineral that your body relies on. If you have cancer or another health ailment, it is possible that your body is missing out on necessary nutrients like zinc. You may even find yourself facing additional health issues because of your zinc deficiency. These are some facts you need to know about zinc and zinc deficiency, especially if you are also contending with cancer.

Low Zinc May Cause High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure often results from a zinc deficiency. The kidneys handle the sodium in your body, and a low amount of zinc could cause this to become a high blood pressure emergency. Since zinc has a lot to do with your kidneys, you could also experience other kidney-related ailments. These include kidney failure and even type 2 diabetes. These health issues can complicate your current health conditions.

Zinc Benefits Many Components in Your Body

Your body needs zinc for a variety of purposes, including cognitive functioning, taste, smell, and healing your wounds. In fact, your immune system relies on zinc for many reasons. If you have a zinc deficiency, it is likely that you could see your immune system not functioning properly. You may also lose your appetite while you are dealing with zinc deficiency. When you are struggling with cancer, you need your immune system to be operating at its best.

Zinc Deficiency Impacts Your Appearance

Did you know that a lack of zinc can also impact the way you look? For example, the lack of zinc in your body may result in skin issues like acne and dry skin. It can also cause alopecia, or the thinning of the hair. If you have a lesion on your skin that becomes infected, your system may also be slow to heal it. When you have cancer, this slow healing can pose a significant problem.

Zinc Supplements Are Available

Zinc supplements are available at most drug stores over the counter. Of course, you should always speak with a doctor before you begin taking any supplement or make any drastic changes to your diet. Your doctor may have additional advice for contending with zinc deficiency when you have cancer.

Your diet has a lot to do with how well you feel, though your diet may also be affected by any treatment you are going through. If you feel you have a zinc deficiency, speak with your doctor or a cancer nutrition specialist to learn more about incorporating zinc into your routine.