Hearing loops were first invented in the 1930s, though they are much more useful today than they were then. A hearing loop is typically when businesses, venues, and even homes have a magnetic field set up that amplifies sound directly to a telecoil-enabled hearing aid. This means that someone speaking into a microphone in the front of a large hearing loop–enabled auditorium could have their voice amplified directly to the hearing aid of someone sitting on the back row. This direct link between a room's audio system and the hearing aid of an individual makes all of the difference to the hearer. Hearing loop installers are available to change your space into a more hearing-friendly environment. Here are a few reasons why a hearing loop may be just what your home or business needs. 

Cut Out Background Noise

For many people with hearing problems, background noise is a big challenge. When a large group of people is talking, whispering, laughing, and making noise, it can be extremely difficult to hear one person. This is especially true if they are slightly turned, are speaking softly, or have a high pitched voice. One of the biggest benefits of a hearing loop is that when a hearing-challenged individual is connected to the loop, all background noise is eliminated.


Being hard of hearing can often be very ostracizing. Many venues overcome this by handing out large headphones for individuals to use and return. While this is helpful, it also marks that person as different. Hearing loops allow people who are hard of hearing to look and act just like everyone else without losing any hearing benefits. Instead of creating an environment of differences and exclusion, hearing loops bring everyone together on one wavelength of sound. 

Cleaner for Everyone

As previously mentioned, many venues overcome hearing loss by passing out headphones and amplifiers and then reusing them when the event is done. This can sometimes promote the spread of germs, depending on how well the headphones are cared for and disinfected. Hearing loops allow for a seamless transition of hearing without having to distribute, collect, or sanitize anything. 

In conclusion, no matter what type of space you are trying to improve, installing a hearing loop is worth it. Bring people together with clear, clean hearing in your home or venue. There are most likely hearing loop installation professionals near you. Call them today for a quote. 

To learn more, contact a hearing loop installer.