If you are planning to seek treatment for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you may find yourself wondering about the process of going to an addiction clinic and what you can expect. Addiction treatment can be highly effective and can benefit you in a myriad of ways. And while the unknown can be scary, addiction treatment and addiction clinics do not have to be. Learn what to do in preparation for addiction treatment and you won't have to worry any more. 

Plan for 30 Days or More in Treatment

When you are going to an addiction treatment clinic, you should plan on being in treatment for at least 30 days. This will give you enough time to work the programs and get the detox treatment and therapies you need to successfully overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you leave too soon, you may find yourself facing relapse shortly after leaving the treatment program. 

Put everything in order for at least 30 days. Tell your job you need to take FMLA leave, pay your bills, get a pet-sitter, and do everything else that you will need to do to ensure things are all set for 30 days. Then, you can go to the addiction clinic feeling stress-free about the outside world.

Consider Bringing and Keeping a Journal in Treatment

Going through treatment can be a life-changing experience. Every day, you can learn something new and can improve yourself and increase your chances of maintaining sobriety. The journey can also be challenging. 

Keeping a journal while you are in the addiction treatment clinic can help you to document how you are feeling and what you are learning. This can be beneficial to you after treatment is over as you can refer back to it and be reminded of the treatment process and how far you have come in the process. 

Know Detox Must Come First

If you go into an addiction treatment center, you will first go through detox. You need to get the drugs or alcohol out of your system before you can focus your mind on your sobriety and maintaining it. Detox is often overseen by medical staff like doctors or nurses. They can provide medical assistance in the form of IV fluids or even medications to make the detox process shorter and easier to deal with. 

Be Prepared to Work Hard on Yourself

When you commit to going to an addiction clinic, you are committing to making major changes in your life. From detox to therapy, you will have to work for your sobriety. There will be hours of intensive individual and group therapy as well as other treatments along the way.

Be prepared to buckle down and focus on yourself. You will get to know yourself, your triggers, and what can help you stay sober. If you put your all into these treatment programs, you will set yourself up for sobriety success once treatment is done. 

Knowing these steps to take when you are planning to go to an addiction clinic, you can be sure you are as prepared as possible for your treatment program.