Do you get sinus headaches when the pressure changes or when allergens are present? These headaches can be pretty unpleasant to deal with. Many people take NSAID pain relievers to manage their symptoms, but if you want to take a more natural approach, a different option to consider is CBD gummies. Here are a few tips to follow when using CBD gummies for sinus headaches.

Buy full-spectrum CBD gummies.

When shopping for gummies, you want to buy a product that is labeled "hemp extract gummies" or "full-spectrum gummies." These two products are basically the same. Both contain the full extract from the hemp, rather than just CBD. This means they contain other cannabinoid compounds, including CBG and CBN. These compounds tend to be good at relieving inflammation and tension, which are at the heart of sinus headaches. A gummy labeled "pure CBD" will contain CBD alone. While this will be helpful, it won't be quite as effective. 

Take your gummies before the discomfort gets too bad.

When you feel sinus pressure starting to build, take full-spectrum gummies. Don't wait to see whether it develops into a full headache or not. CBD is best at relieving inflammation while that inflammation is just beginning to set in. If you wait until you have a full-blown headache, taking the gummies at that point won't give you quite as much relief.

Some people even benefit from taking CBD gummies before they feel any sort of sinus pressure — on days when they suspect their sinus pressure would otherwise build. For instance, if the weather report calls for a storm and you tend to get headaches when there are storms, you can take CBD gummies preemptively in the morning. 

Take your gummies with plenty of water.

When you take your CBD gummies, have a full glass of water with them. Water helps flush any toxins out of your body, which can further help reduce inflammation and ease your headache pain. This is especially the case when your sinus pressure is related to allergens. You can have food with your gummies, too. Sometimes eating something with fat in it helps you absorb the CBD faster, so it takes action sooner.

If you suffer from sinus headaches, stock up on CBD gummies. They are a really approachable, natural way to relieve the inflammation and pain you are dealing with. Taking them with water and before the pain gets too serious really helps!