If you are suffering from back or neck pain, this is something you should consider bringing up with a chiropractor. There are several special techniques, such as the activator technique, that a chiropractor can use to provide you with relief from back and neck pain.

How the Activator Technique Works

A chiropractor uses the activator technique to treat various health problems in the back and neck. The device delivers force when applied to a specific area and is very precise, yet gentle and safe. It is a handheld device that is spring-loaded.

The Activator Technique Vs. Chiropractic Adjustments

The activator technique is sometimes used as an alternative or a supplement to chiropractic adjustments. It is an electronic device that gives the chiropractor full control over the action used to treat back pain. While it is mechanical, the chiropractor has full control over the device.

One of the reasons why the activator technique is used by some chiropractors is because the device operates so quickly that the body doesn't have time to resist the force of the activator. When chiropractors use their own hands to apply force, the body might resist the force and there may be fewer benefits as a result.

The Activator Technique and Subluxation

The activator technique is useful when a vertebra or joint shifts and bone enters space that is meant for the spinal canal. This can create a blockage and might even affect nerve roots. This is referred to as a subluxation. 

The chiropractor uses the activator technique to reverse the subluxation so that you will experience less back and neck pain and so that you do not experience any dysfunction that can result from subluxation. For example, you might experience severe:

  • Inflammation
  • Stiffness
  • Limitations in your range of motion

But the activator technique can alleviate these symptoms. Because the activator uses controlled force, it will be less likely to cause side effects. However, the activator technique must be performed by a chiropractor because they will know where to apply force to treat your back pain.

Preparing for Your Treatment

The chiropractor will have you lie face down and will then ask you to perform a series of muscle movements. You will be asked to move your arms to activate certain muscles so that the chiropractor can then treat any back pain. 

This treatment can be effective for any patient but is especially useful for patients who are prone to tensing up, those who have osteoporosis, and those who are pregnant. This is because you will not have to twist your body when receiving the treatment.

For more information about the activator technique, contact a chiropractor