Aging causes a number of changes to your face. The fat in your face redistributes, so some areas, particularly around your cheeks, take on a sunken look. Your skin may get loose and give you saggy jowls or sagging skin on your upper eyelids. Plus, you'll probably develop more wrinkles on your face as you age, and your wrinkles will probably get deeper over time.

If you're unhappy with the changes aging has made to your face, you may consider having dermal fillers. They may not reverse the signs of aging permanently, but they can give you a younger look for weeks or months at a time. Here's how cosmetic dermal fillers work.

They Are Injected Into Wrinkles And Hollows

Your doctor injects filler in gel form into wrinkles and hollows that need to be plumped up. They inject the fillers in your face, neck, or hands where you have signs of wrinkles, sagging, and fat loss. The gel is injected and then the doctor massages the area to move the gel into the best position to fill a nasolabial fold or hollow from fat loss.

Some fillers come with an anesthetic in them that makes the injections less painful, and you can also have a topical numbing gel applied before the injections begin. You shouldn't have too much discomfort throughout the process.

Dermal Fillers Don't Work On Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are the wrinkles that only show up when you frown, smile, or make other facial expressions. When you're not making any expressions, the wrinkles aren't visible. These wrinkles are treated with botulinum toxin injections instead, and these can be given along with dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are for folds and wrinkles that never go away, even when you're not moving your facial muscles. This includes nasolabial folds and marionette lines. These lines are plumped up with filler so they're barely visible.

Dermal Fillers Eventually Fade

Your doctor can choose different fillers for your face. Each has its own lifespan. Some are considered permanent, but most fillers are gradually absorbed by your body and will disappear at some point. When that happens, you can have repeated injections to keep folds and wrinkles away. Your doctor will let you know how long you can expect the filler they select to last so you can prepare ahead of time for your next visit.

You Can Sometimes Alter The Results

If you're leery of filler making you look unnatural, you may only want a little and then later decide you want more. You can often have an additional treatment so you're happy with your results.

If you get too much filler, the doctor might be able to reverse the effects. The first time you get filler, it may be a good idea to choose the filler you can reverse if you're not happy with the way it makes you look.